Finance :

The finance industry is an industry in itself as well as an ancillary that supports other industries. Trade and commerce across the world would come to a standstill if there was no means to fund, pay and protect the transactions, hence the need for governments to support the financial services industry when companies that are ¡®too big to fail¡¯ are close to collapse.

The financial industry, or financial services industry, includes a wide range of companies and institutions involved with money, including businesses providing money management, lending, investing, insuring and securities issuance and trading services. The following institutions are a part of the financial industry:

  • ⚫ Banks
  • ⚫ Credit card issuers
  • ⚫ Insurance companies
  • ⚫ Investment bankers
  • ⚫ Securities traders
  • ⚫ Financial planners
  • ⚫ Security exchanges